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Congratulations you’ve reached Alice’s little corner of the internet.

Alice is a 19 year old cis-gendered, queer, white feminist who lives in New Zealand, aka the bottom on the world. Alice has lived an interesting enough life; for someone who was born six weeks prematurely, can’t see without glasses, and moved to the bottom of the world from a country which used to (kinda still does) colonize it, and growing up with two crazy sisters.

Alice is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Health Promotion (yes she should have done health science). She works at Pizza Hut, after a two year stint at an overpriced bakery. Alice is happily single, and enjoys the company of various friends as well as herself.

Regina Spektor, is the goddess that rules Alice life, with Tracy Champan, Ingrid Michealson, and Kate Bush also playing roles as musical heroes for Alice.

Alice has developed a taste for tv shows and movies that focus on kick-ass women and/or the middle of the twentieth century. Her current favorites include; Bomb Girls, Pan Am, Mona Lisa Smile, The Bletchley Circle, A League of Their Own, Vera Drake, Revolutionary Road, and The Reader.

Alice also adores; Amelie, The Millennium Trilogy, Margret Atwood Novels and Nurse Jackie*.

Alice is a big shipper, and has various ships for various fandoms, but it learning to appreciate single characters.

Alice fancies herself a writer, though these days its mostly just bad fanfiction.

So the short version of this is; you’re are awesome thanks for following Alice.

*Yes, Alice is a bit of a misandrist, no Alice doesn’t care.
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